Veteran’s Day, The Vet Way


Veterans Day, the day most of us Vets hate to say we love. I only say that because I feel like a cheapskate when I ask for a military discount

On November 11th, we get to visit amusement parks for free, free lunch at Twin Peaks, all night happy hour in our favorite dive bars, and other discounts which we don’t mind.

Usually, it’s the barrage of “thank you for your service” comments that throw us for a loop.

What do we even say back to that?

If you say, “thank you” it makes you sound pompous, replying with “you’re welcome” you look like an ass, and if you throw them off by saying (this is my go to) “thank you for the support” you cause mass confusion.

But back to the discounts and the good stuff.

Take the day to turn up a case of beer with guys you’ve served with, light up the grill, enjoy your 72hr (I hope you’re getting one)…

Be a tourist and visit places outside the norm; either because it’s too pricey or you’ve never cared to go.

Hell, why not? Suzy Rottencrotch may love you a long time for it.

Veterans Day is a day just to kick it and take some pride in what you do, just don’t be a douche about it. Because other vets will still laugh at you for wearing Tapout or Affliction shirts with your dog tags hanging out, and you’re better than that.

This is also a day where we witness one of the funniest things we hate to see: Stolen Valor, dun-dun-dunnnnnn. You’re almost guaranteed to run into a guy in Army cami’s and a USMC hat who’s claiming to have been a Recon Dolphin Trainer in Nam’ just to get some free pancakes.

If you do, keep your cool and just make that person feel like an idiot by asking a bunch of simple questions (any new boot could answer), just for him to tell you that he went to a secret boot camp somewhere in New York.

No need to get all uppity and get in his face about it; unless he gets physical with you, then its game on. 

Have one of your boys record it and post it on YouTube so we can all share the laugh. Just don’t break any laws, got it?

Hungry? Here’s a link to places where Vets Eat Free today and possibly find some stolen valor to laugh.


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