The First Sergeant Rap

The First Sergeant Rap

I've been a First Sergeant for a long long time... Took me 20 years to make up this rhyme.

The First Sergeant Rap, written and performed by Andrew Osburn and Chuck Eisenhuth during a deployment to Bosnia.

We did this performance for the talent show we had there (MWR) as a tribute to First Sergeant Danny J. Baldwin, who was retiring shortly after we got back from deployment. I did the lyrics as a spoof to the way he really spoke.

Mentioned in the song is SFC Bahre, who always had long hair, SGT Fromme, who was constantly late getting his mail, and of course, Eisenhuth who never shined his boots.

In addition, 1SG Baldwin always used to get onto us for not having gas in the Humvee to get supplies and such to the flightline. Every time he got pissed at us for whatever reason, he could be seen outside, “having a smoke.” He also told us that he, “was going to retire with his dead presidents,” every single time we did something that might get him into trouble.

Anyway, after this was released, he could never be seen without a smile. Not sure where he ended up, but we will always remember him.

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