21 Quotes That Made Chesty Puller A Legendary Icon Of The Marine Corps

Chesty Puller was a Marine’s Marine, a war hero and an American legend. It’s been 45 years since his death, but his memory is entrenched deep within the Corps. Here’s 21 Chesty Puller quotes to motivate and empower anyone who has ever worn the uniform.

The Story of ChestyBorn Lewis Burwell Puller, to Matthew and Marine! The Life of Chesty PullerMartha Puller in the small town of West Point, Virgina.

Nicknamed “Chesty” because of his flawless posture, barrel chest and blunt manner.

Chesty was raised rough, having to live off the land and learning about war from the first-hand accounts of Veterans of the Civil War.

In 1916, he attempted to join the Army but was rejected because his mother refused to provide parental consent.

The following year he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in 1917 and was later commissioned after completing Officer Candidate School.

A thirty-seven year veteran of the Marine’s who climbed from the rank of Private all the way up to Lieutenant General. Recognized as the most decorated Marine in history, having earned five Navy Crosses, a Distinguished Service Cross and a Silver Star over the course of his career.

Here’s his full history as written by Bad Asses of the Week:


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