The Best Tactical Knee Pads For 2016

Behind every great man, is a woman, with a great pair of tactical knee pads! Oh wait, that’s not how it goes…but it should!  Although lately, the only action I get is watching my son play Battlefield on his PS4, I don’t really have the need for a good pair of tactical pads. Yet, I couldn’t resist wrapping a pair for my woman on her birthday…

Her reaction?  Priceless.

Enough of the humor. Since I spend a lot of time alone now, I placed an order for a couple of pair of pads to wear while shooting…

Here are my reviews of the best tactical knee pads currently on the market…

Alta Flex

 Alta has over 35 years of design and development incorporated into this single pair of knee pads.  Shit, that’s longer than I can remember, but lucky for us all, they do remember, and they put each and everything they learned right into this knee pad.  I don’t care if you will be using these for industrial applications, tactical use, or just for playing with the crew on the weekends, this is a solid set of pads!

The first thing I noticed is a longer than normal cap pad, which turned out to be great for the added protection it offered when I hit the deck, it allowed for substantial maneuverability, and ohhh, the comfort; I could hardly tell I was banging my knees on the ground.  The compression recovery neoprene foam padding offers consistent support, exactly where I kneed it (see that?  That was a play on words, but no worries Munchkin; I understand you’re probably not used to intelligent humor).

I was super impressed, that the large, hard plastic cap didn’t slide like Stan Makita crossing the blue line on his way to a Stanley Cup winning shot on goal.  Nope, I stopped right where I needed to be. And after banging around for a while, I did need to slightly adjust the pads, and using the Alta-Lock fastener system they provide makes putting these suckers on, and adjusting when necessary, an absolute breeze.  Simply put, it’s a super adjustable, no-slip grip.  Heck, we can make a late night Infomercial out of these.

best-tactical-kneepads-Altaflex1It’s also got a Cordura nylon cover which provides additional, and I must say, substantial high-performance set grip and durability.  And if you know anything about Cordura, it’s way better than cotton or regular nylon, like 3 times better, 3 times longer lasting, and  3 times more durable.  It has dual adjustable straps and strap keepers, which gives you the means to handle any situation quickly and efficiently, when necessary.

On the inside, it has a Tricot liner that is finished and brushed, which easily wicks away moisture and keeps out dirt and debris, which is the whole reason you are wearing knee pads anyway, am I right?  If you want wet crap impaling your knee caps, save some dough and go commando!  It’s your choice, sweetheart.

These bad boys are made of Military tough materials that are all made in North America.  It has 100% USA materials; this is quality you can count on!

Compromise in quality? Not here Soldier…

Compromise in materials?  Keep moving Soldier…

Compromise in durability?  Are you new, Soldier?  Never here!

These pads are designed to be used and abused, right here in the USA BABY!

The Flex kneepads  are available in the colors and patterns you need, no matter if you want to join forces with your local industrial pro’s, or any military, tactical, or law enforcement personnel.   Kick it with your HVAC guy this weekend, chill with your woman as you take pictures of sunsets on a rocky beach, or hit a round of paintball while you extract revenge on ‘Roger’ for calling you names in Jr. High School.  Never miss, and never regret dropping a knee again.

Anyone who relies on maximum performance every day can definitely benefit from this awesome, strong, and durable knee protection that will not fail you.  Just look at the reviews on  This is one of the highest rated set of knee pads they sell, and it has over 300 reviews, with a full 2/3 being 5 Star.  The highest rating Amazon has!

Maybe I’ll take my kid to a paintball field, so I can use these on the weekends, while I smother his cocky rear end in some paint.  I’ll let him bang his knees up without these, at least the first weekend.  Maybe I can get him to mow the lawn if I buy him a pair?  Or perhaps a 200 round auto-reloader on my paintball gun aimed at his hind quarters will provide some desperately needed motivation… Wishful Thinking.

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Blackhawk Advanced Tactical

I gotta tell you that this is one seriously comfy pair of pads.  The first thing I noticed was the Injection-molded flex cap design.  It really helps when your crawling around to have that little bit of give in the pad.  It’s also got padding made from a closed-cell foam, When you drop down on your knees, it provides a ton of shock resistance.  I would dare to say you can hardly tell that you just hit the ground.  And if you know anything about closed cell foam design, it’s naturally almost waterproof.  Yeah, you read that right, almost.  A little water may get in, but the way it’s designed, it will naturally work its way out, once again leaving you dry and comfortable, no matter what conditions you are playing in.  Geez, these sound perfect for my woman, just sayn’.

When looking at the Blackhawk Advanced Tactical kneepads you will notice there is a minimal gap between the bottom of the cap and the nylon carrier.  This is important for all you novices, because when the knee pad is flexed, it won’t allow a bunch of dirt and junk to get in between the folds.  Who wants crap stuck between their folds?  Insert your own joke here….

Keeping these suckers in place is a breeze too, they have a padded side extension which much improves the strap positioning.  It’s got an easy on, easy off Hook and Loop elastic fastening system, to keep these in place, and all of these features provide more comfort. Yes, they are designed for comfort, ‘her comfort’.  And the interior ledge keeps the pad from slipping down, another great benefit when you are dealing with ‘her comfort’.  Don’t want these to accidentally slip off, now do you.

The interior padding conforms to your knee, while the exterior is a 600 denier nylon shell, BTW, that is a ballistic weave grade of nylon for you soldier wannabe’s out there.  And the open back design keeps you loose and cool, without any binding up of the straps in the back.  No binding and no slipping, I sense another infomercial here…

All joking aside, I might keep these in the car, so should I ever get a flat, I can put them on my son before he learns a new skill.  This way he can be totally comfortable while he learns a new trade skill, besides PS4. Is PS4 even a trade skill?

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Damascus DNKPB Imperial Neoprene Knee Pads

Hey, do you want to go stealth?  Yeah, we all like to be invisible as well as invincible.  But these knee pads are super cool looking!  Does that mean they look cool and suck?  Not a chance.  But its stealthy look – a neoprene outer shell, which by the way is very durable; is made even more durable with reinforced stitching throughout the knee pad.  This makes it extremely comfortable, and best of all, extremely quiet.  I know for sure I don’t want to hear my pads knocking around every time I move a muscle.

Here is some cool techno babble for you, these knee pads have Trion-X Non-slip reinforced grip technology.  Sound cool?  Well, let’s break that down for those of you who have never heard of Google…It’s a proprietary, (they own it, for you laymen out there), no slip texture finish they developed and use exclusively on their gear.  And no slip it is!  I had these on while hitting the ground and I wished I would have slowed my running just a bit because I stopped exactly where I dropped.  Now this is a good thing, you want to stop right where you drop, but would I have known the incredible stopping and non-slip potential of these just a bit beforehand, I would have taken 1 more step just to slow me down.  But since I am gardening with these, I guess all my complaining is in vain.  Yet their durability is astonishing.

When you drop, you can feel the power, the power of 10mm of pure comfort foam, plus a second layer of polyurethane foam for the absolute maximum comfort, these pads are definitely easy to go down on… ‘that’s what she said’.  They have very unique, multiple elastic straps, which are easily adjustable, with Velcro secure closures ensuring a secure fit for any knee size or position.

These bad boys were designed by Damascus, a leader in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, and related fields.  They are the real deal.  These pads have yet another high-density closed-cell foam design, which helps keep moisture out!  Damascus has been doing this design and development stuff for 50 years, so I think you should listen, the only thing I have been doing for near, and not even 50 years, is pooping, and I needed tons of help with that early on.  I think they might just have this whole thing figured out.

If you want a great looking knee pad that is worn with confidence by numerous departments around the globe, then slide these great looking, lightweight knee pads on, and give them a whirl, you will not be disappointed!

I’ve also seen that a lot of Comic-Con participants use these as part of their costume.  Go ahead, Google Comic-Con….. I think that is a tribute to how great these look, not only are the pro’s using them, but those who want to look like pros are using them.  After I Googled Comic-Con and saw the women in costume, I think I will tell my woman I need to attend.  Field research and all, but seriously, have you seen what costumes these women wear?  I’ll need two pairs of knee pads, one for me, one for her!  Yeah, I’m a giver, that’s how I roll.

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HWI Next Generation Tactical
Quick Release Knee Pads

Easy On… Easy Off… Every man’s dream….

HWI gear though, has been designing and delivering top quality gear to law enforcement and military for over 25 years.  And for the last 4 years, they have been a major supplier of Combat Gloves to the US Army.

Don’t let the simplicity of these knee pads fool you, they are quite adept at solving your little problems.  They have an STPA cap (that is a really sturdy plastic), for extra protection, in almost any tactical situation.  The pad is made from a high-density foam and a nylon material that is super durable.  This is designed to absorb the forces of impact during rough encounters (that’s what she said) so that you can stay focused on the task at hand.  And in keeping with easy on, easy off, these knee pads are held securely in place using an ergonomic quick release strap.

Yes, these compact, solidly built, long lasting, comfortable, durable, protective, yada yada yada…  Let’s just wrap this one up with they are a great overall choice if you are looking for a solid set of knee pads.

And since they don’t bind up behind your knee and don’t slip up and down causing any irritation, I might just keep these with my gardening tools.  When I’m done planting the roses, the woman and I can switch our knee pads, and our “Honey-Do” lists!

So there you have it, my professional take on four different sets of knee pads.  While all four sets are good, you can’t go wrong with any set.  You have to determine exactly what environment you will be using them in, as well as what key features you are looking for to determine the best set for you.  So buckle up Soldier, and drop!