The Best Coyote Brown Boots For Wear With the OCP

Since July 2015, there has been a ton of changes to AR 670-1 and since then I’ve been trying to find the best coyote brown boots. These changes have left Soldiers extremely confused and in some cases out of money. Most of us are double checking to ensure that the boots we purchase are authorized for wear, and compliant with the DA Pam 670-1.

Unfortunately, besides a power point presentation released by PAO Soldier, no one has been able to provide a comprehensive list of Army Authorized Boots…

Well until now.

Over the last few months, we’ve worn and reviewed dozens of coyote brown boots to validate their compliance with published standards and to ensure that boots are made of the highest quality.

AR 670-1 Compliant Coyote Brown Boots

To tell if your boots are authorized or not, ask the following questions:

  1. Are they made of synthetic materials? If so, they’re out. The upper portion cannot be made of synthetic leather, synthetic suede, or “Wolverine Warrior Leather”…which is another term for pig leather. Your boots must be made of cow leather.
  2. Is the cattle leather flesh side out? This means the inner lining of the leather is facing out. The flesh side is softer, and it’s often called “suede leather.”
  3. Is the sole the same color as the boot? It should be.
  4. Is the outsole made of rubber or polyether polyurethane? Good.
  5. Is the sole height 2″ or less? Good.
  6. Does the sole curl around the toe or up the heel? Bad.
  7. Is the upper part leather or a combination of leather and non-mesh materials? Good. Anything else, including mesh, is bad.
  8. Is the boot 8 to 10 inches tall? Good. Otherwise, it’s out.

The boots below comply with the current standards of DA Pam 670-1:

Best Coyote Brown Boots – Overall

Rocky S2V Tactical Military Boot

best-coyote-brown-boot-rocky-s2vAfter reviewing several pairs of coyote brown boots, we are positive that the Rocky Men’s S2V Tactical Military Work Boots is the best coyote brown boots, currently on the market.

This is a great pair of boots for any Soldier looking for a long-lasting, all-purpose boot. The S2V is perfect for both field and garrison environment.

The Coyote Brown S2V are compliant with DA Pam 670-1 and meet ICWB standards, for cold weather boots. The boots are made in the USA (Berry Complaint), to the highest standards.

I’ve made a couple of trips to Afghanistan, and I absolutely hate the countries winters. Wearing the Rocky S2V, made the cold months just a little bit better. The boot is built to perform in wet, cold climates. These boots kept my feet dry and warm.

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The S2V BootTop view looking at the instep The sole of the Rocky S2VThe inside of the Rocky S2VLooking at the Rocky S2V from the front


Garmont T8 Bifida

Garmont T8 Bifida Coyote BrownAs an alternate to the Rocky S2V, I would have to recommend the Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot.

Garmont makes a range of boots, but only a handful of these are designed to be fully AR 670-1 compliant and approved for wear with the OCP. These boots are a part of the T8 line. While there are several sub-models in the T8 lineup, the original T8 is their most well-rounded boot and is a close second to the S2V.

The T8 is the most popular boot they offer and for good reason. Instead of having a specialization (like mobility or cold weather tolerance), it’s instead aimed to be a great, all-around boot for general duty usage. If you want a single boot that’s comfortable enough for ruck marches and also comfortable on the tarmac, you may want to take a closer look at the Garmont T8.

garmont-t8-bifida-coyote-brown-boot-insideKey Features

There are quite a few features that help the Garmont T8 stand out from the crowd. Upon first glance, you’ll quickly notice a low reflective profile. There’s plenty of metal hardware, but it is all tucked away behind cloth (or adorned with a leather covering) to minimize visibility from stray light sources.

Here are the details of the construction behind the T8:

  • Suede general construction (1.6 mm material thickness)
  • Webbed, ventilated polyester joining panels
  • Nylon string construction, in a square formation
  • Canvas reinforcement at the seams for increased durability
  • Vibration dampening sole

These core features of the T8 are the basis of the entire T8 line, but with this particular boot, they are arranged in a no-compromise fashion to create the general purpose boot that Garmont has become famous for producing.

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Best Lightweight Coyote Brown Boots

Nike Special Field Boot

nike-sfb-field-leather-coyote-brown-sideOne of my personal favorites, the Nike SFB Field boot unites the military world with athletics. The story starts during WWII with Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman. Bowerman served in the 10th Mountain Division in Italy.

When the war was over he returned to the U.S. and soon became the head track and field coach at the University of Oregon. During his time coaching, he developed a gift for creating performance enhancing footwear. The Nike SFB unites Bowerman’s experiences in the military and as a coach.

It naturally follows that the Special Field Boot harnesses the technological power of Nike excellently to create a tactical boot that excels in just about every area.

The new Nike SFB is a redesign of the classic and just about everything, from the tread to the materials to the design, has been enhanced. This is a highly functional and performance driven boot.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Comes in desert tan to comply with AR 670-1 and sage green for Air Force
  • Cattle hide, canvas and synthetic upper provide excellent ventilation and reduce weight
  • Outsole utilizes aggressive traction and an internal rock-shield for protection against puncturing
  • Extremely lightweight at only 15.9 oz.
  • Phylon midsole enhances stability and comfort

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 Rocky RLW

rocky-rlw-coyote-brownRocky, has developed a new boot that is definitely going to improve things for Soldiers gearing up for deployment. The Rocky RLW Lightweight boot has all the durability and performance of their other boots but it comes in at nearly half the weight.

The Rocky RLW came from a desire for Soldiers to have a lightweight pair of AR 670-1 compliant boots, similar to the Rocky C4T or C5C.

The only problem might be having to tell superiors that this new style may look like the trainers but they are in compliance.

6-650-rocky-lightweight-rlw-coyote-brown-soleThe Rocky RLW lightweight boot weighs in at about 18 ounces and is made from water resistant and fast drying rough side out cattle hide leather.

It has heel and toe tread locks; which are great for climbing rough terrain and the self-cleaning tread pattern is great for keeping the boots free of debris. It is specially designed to circulate air to keep your feet cool even on long patrols.

They also have desirable speed-lace eyelets and NATO hooks, not to mention flame resistant laces.

At 8 inches tall, with plenty of padding around the collar which offers more support than some of their other boots. The specially designed rubber sole completely absorbs shock and is durable even in daily use through long deployments.

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Best Minimalist Coyote Brown Boots

Belleville TR105 Minimalist Training Boot


For those of us who love minimalist boots, Belleville has capitalized on this opportunity by rebirthing the TR105 Minimalist Training Boot.

Two pioneers of both industries, Vibram and Belleville, have united to create the Belleville TR105 Mini-Mil. The boot is a flagship of the industry and one of the few of its kind.

It has some very unique features that give the boot a few excellent benefits.

There are also some things to consider with the Mini-Mil. Because it is so unique, it’s not for everyone. Belleville’s website displays a disclaimer suggesting a gradual adjustment  of the TR102 boots, especially if you are accustomed to standard tactical boots.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and then dive into the details:

  • belleville-tr105-mini-mil-soleExtremely lightweight; a pair weighs less than 2 lbs
  • Quick drying and unlined
  • Full-grain cattle hide leather
  • 1000 denier Cordura nylon upper
  • Vibram Tarsus sole is oil & slip resistant
  • Single density molded removable insert

The TR105 is truly a unique boot, designed for a special type of warrior, one accustomed to training in minimalist footwear. At the minimalist extreme, a shoe has a 0mm drop from heel toe. In a tactical combat boot, the drop can be as much as 20mm.

The Mini-Mil does not follow the extreme 0mm drop but uses a very slight drop of 2mm. This makes the boot uniquely minimalistic while at the same time not too extreme for those who have never worn minimalist footwear.


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